Health Surveillance Swansea

Elite Occupational Health will monitor the health status of employees at work as we offer a full and comprehensive health surveillance programme. Health surveillance is a statutory requirement of HSE/COSHH and other statutory legislation. The efficiency of safety precautions in the workplace will be assessed through our services. With individual data, aggregated analysis, and a pertinent review process, we provide on-site and mobile activities. 

We cover all of South Wales and the UK. Please give us a call for more information. 

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Health Surveillance Services Swansea

We have a very important list of necessary services you can find below:

Health Assessment

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Arranging a medical examination for your employees can be expensive and have an impact on your company’s production if employees take time off to go to the doctor. But that’s not the only way to accomplish it. Our services are all carried out on-site from our clinic.

This implies that you may evaluate your whole team in a single afternoon with little disruption to your normal workday. All we require is a parking space on-site. Get in touch now.

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