Face Fit Testing

Are you a company that works within an industry that requires Respiratory Protective Equipment? Face Fit testing is required under COSHH, CLAW and CAW regulations. This is a necessary and required method of ensuring that a face piece or mask is tight-fitting and sealed. In order for a tight-fitting face piece to function properly, there must be constant contact between the user’s skin and the mask’s seal. 

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Types of Testing

Using a quantitative technique, a team of trained personnel will test filtering face pieces (disposable respirators) and reusable half masks. To assess the performance of a specific facepiece to fit each individual wearer, fit testing must be conducted for all tight-fitting facepieces. An inadequate fit will significantly reduce the protection provided to the wearer. No testing is necessary for loose-fitting face coverings, surgical masks, or positive pressure respirators (RPE), such as breathing apparatus.


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