Additional Workplace Health Assessments

Elite Occupational Health Ltd provide a range of additional workplace health assessments to further advance healthy lifestyles. We believe in helping all workers and businesses that are in need of a range of additional services from vaccinations to physiotherapy and counselling. With 16 years of promoting healthier living and a better workplace, our team continue to provide help throughout the UK.

We cover all of South Wales and the UK. Please give us a call for more information. 

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Range of Additional Services

We are completely flexible to meeting our clients needs. As well as our main services such as pre-placement, health and wellbeing and health surveillance, we have a range of additional services we can offer including:


From flu jabs to more, we are here to provide necessary vaccinations.

Drugs & Alcohol Testing

Chain of custody refers to the system of controls governing the entire urine collection, processing, and storage of the sample.

DSE Assessments

An Ergonomic Assessment will improve health, comfort and productivity where medical issues and symptoms are experienced.

Biological Monitoring

This is a way of assessing chemical exposures by measuring the chemical or its breakdown products in a biological sample (usually urine and blood).

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